Obros receive the scandalous video in Ishqbaaz


Obros try to cover up the matter from their partners. They don’t want to tell about the girl, how Shivay’s story turned true. The girls feel something is really fishy, as the guys give wrong answers. Obros try to find a way to get free. Dinki fills doubt in Anika and Gauri’s mind again. Anika and Gauri still show their strong belief to her. Dinki introduces Piya as her friend’s daughter. Pinky allows her to stay in their house till she wants. The police catches Obros and enquire about Piya.

Shivay tells that they are innocent and they don’t know what happened. Before police can arrest them, Shivay calls the commissioner and gets a solution. Obros end the trip by tension and return back home. They get a shock on receiving the party video. They learn how they got carried away in drunken state, having a company like Piya with them. Piya made the boys dance on her fingers. The video gets upsetting for them. They cook up a story for their unplanned early return to the family. They decide to hide the matter about Piya. They all get upset that their Goa trip got ruined because of the girl. Shivay tries to recall what happened at night. They fail to recall anything.

Shwetlana plans to stick around Abhay. She helps Abhay after creating the problem for him. Abhay doesn’t want her help. He goes his own way, while she follows him to find the secret to ruin the Oberois. She still asks him to take her help.


Obros get another shock when they see Piya home. They understand that Piya has spiked the drinks and made them lose senses. Obros try to hide their tension when they see Piya. They start behaving odd, which makes everyone wonder what’s on their mind. Dadi introduces Piya to them. Piya tells them that she can come to stay with them. Piya shows her dancing talent, and strikes everyone by her charm.


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