Piya to raise doubt on Obros’ loyalty in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz presents special brotherly bond yet again

Obros think to know Piya’s motives. Piya tells them that she is a choreographer. The guys try to hide the matter, but foolishly break their silence. Dinki gets a chance to raise a finger at them. Omkara stops Shivay and Rudra. They all give explanation of their innocent. Anika shows her belief in Obros. They all learn its Dadi’s birthday, which saves them from arising doubt. Dadi tells the guys that she is proud of their unity and believes they can’t do anything to ruin their wives’ trust and family respect. The guys blame each other for the incident. Rudra blames Shivay for cooking up such a cheap story and then turning it true. He asks Shivay not to have such wild imagination again.

He tells Shivay and Omkara to think of their wives, whose trust they have shattered. Rudra doesn’t feel any threat from Bhavya. Shivay wants to know who is Piya and why did she come home. Piya tells Dinki that she has trapped Obros by her planning. Dinki wants to prove men are never loyal. She wants to answer Anika and Gauri, who showed their husbands are like angels. Shivay and Omkara decide to confront Piya. Rudra tells them that he will try to get the info from Piya and delete the video. They ask him not to make any mistake in this secret task. Omkara says Piya has fooled all of us till now. Rudra asks his brothers to stay away from Piya. He takes the risk.

Rudra goes to send Piya out of the house. Obros get admiring Piya when they see her dancing. Even the girls start admiring Piya’s moves. The family praises Piya’s talent. Obros lose the change to confront Piya. Pinky does not want the guys to stare at Piya. She gets angry on Piya for influencing the boys. Tej and Shakti take the matter in their hands. They go to talk to Piya, and fall into admiration. Piya casts a spell on all the Oberoi men. The girls try to copy Piya. Anika and Gauri are sure that their husbands can never love anyone else than them. Obros keep an eye on Piya to know her motives. Bhavya feels something is fishy.


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