Adhiraj and Anami’s cute date next in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Anami and Narottam have an admiration for Vatsalya. They play his guitar, which angers Satrupa. Satrupa scolds Narottam for touching Vatsalya’s guitar. She lets him go without any punishment for Anami’s sake. Baldev too gets protective about Vatsalya’s belongings. He takes the guitar with them. Pujan doubts that Sudha is after the incident. He plans to teach a lesson to Sudha, but Kamini falls down instead Sudha. Pujan takes care of Kamini. Kamini feels someone is trying to hurt her. Pujan hides that it was his trap laid for someone else.

Baldev and Satrupa get into an argument over Anami. He asks her to better control Anami. Satrupa feels emotionally hurt. Anami apologizes to her. Satrupa gets hopeful that Anami started changing. Adhiraj meets Anami to ask for a favor for his sister. Anami orders tea for Adhiraj. They have a cute tea date.


Adhiraj gets the notes from Anami. Anami asks him to have tea. They both have a tea drinking competition. Dadi sees them and feels Adhiraj has become Anami’s friend. They have a moment of happiness.

Satrupa plans to get Lakshya home for Anami’s sake. She informs Madhu about it. She prepares for her visit to Banaras to get Lakshya home. Satrupa hides her plan from everyone and secretly leaves. Sudha understands Satrupa is trying to get someone to get the game on her sides. She gets prepared to tackle Satrupa.


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