Annoyance to fill in Neil-Avni’s bond in Naamkarann


Avni sheds tears after Neil yells on her because of Juhi. Avni is upset. She thinks how can Neil shout on her in front of everyone, he could have spoken to her in private. Juhi feels sorry for Avni. They both didn’t know about Vidyut’s release. Neil is hiding a big secret from Vidyut, that Juhi is alive. Neela pacifies Avni. Juhi worries thinking of Vidyut’s reaction. Juhi will be going back to her first love Neil to secure her future.

Later, Neil and Avni have a romantic moment. Avni cares for him. He apologizes to her on Prakash’s saying. Avni forgives him, knowing he is also in much stress because of Vidyut. She also apologizes for her reaction in anger. They both apologize for their mistakes. Neil was much frustrated because of Vidyut’s threatening. He says I hope you have realized your mistake. Neil gives importance to his duty more. Avni gets annoyed with him again. He tells her that they can share the matters with each other.


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