Deep worries for abducted Aarohi in Ishq Mein Marjawa


Aarohi gets kidnapped. Sushant has kidnapped her to take revenge from Deep. Deep gets worried for her. He goes to meet Tara. He gives her the news that Aarohi is missing. She asks what does he mean. He tells her that Sushant has kidnapped her and is blackmailing me about Sanaya. Tara says how dare he blackmail you, I will kill him. He asks do you just have this solution to kill people. He says I m already in tension. She sees him worrying for Aarohi.

Tara doubts on him. She scolds him. She asks him does he fall for Aarohi. She says you are cheating me like other men do. She loses temper. Deep tells her that he just loves her, she knows he doesn’t even see any girl except her. He tells her that he hides all her crimes just to save her. He asks if she needs any other proof. Tara believes him. Later, Deep reaches Sushant to save Aarohi. He gets into a fight with Sushant. Deep and his dad try to save Aarohi’s life. Deep gets injured. Aarohi and Deep’s dad take Deep home. Aarohi learns the entire truth from Sushant. Deep wants Aarohi to trust him. Aarohi starts suspecting him.


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