Ishqbaaz: Obros versus Piya


Obros try to ask Piya who is she and what does she want from them. Piya doesn’t get scared by them. She threatens them. She shows them the video and blackmails them. She asks them to think of their wives’ reaction on seeing the video. They try to threaten her and get the video. Anika and Gauri come there and confront the guys about Piya. Rudra manages to cover the matter. Piya tells them that she will tell them what to do next. They lie that they were learning dance from Piya. They lie to Anika and Gauri. Rudra does a favor on his brothers. He tells them that he will save their marriage by stealing Piya’s phone to get the video.

They ask him not to delay, as they have no time to deal with Piya. The girls also try to learn some moves from Piya. They plan to make a song performance to surprise Dadi. They feel the guys are behaving very strange. Omkara and Shivay wait for Rudra to come back with the phone. They stay alert while talking to Anika and Gauri.

Obros try to steal the video at midnight. They hide in Piya’s room. They fall in trouble when they hide under the bed and get spotted by their partners. They get speechless to answer them. Piya succeeds to get them suspected. The girls ask them to explain their presence in Piya’s room. Bhavya finds them doing some mischief.


Piya lies that the guys have also come to plan a surprise for Dadi. After the girls leave, Piya starts her blackmailing game and tells the guys that she has many copies of the video, which she can show to their family anytime.

Meanwhile, Shwetlana gets Abhay with her. She wants to know what information he is carrying, that could help her in her revenge against Oberois. She gives him lift. Obros decide to reveal the truth to their partners and accept their mistakes. Piya tries to scare them. The guys decide to be honest. They don’t care even if she shows the video to family or not. They try to keep at least honesty, if not trust. They sweetly apologize to Piya for their misbehavior happened unknowingly. Piya finds them genuine hearted. The guys decide to walk on the path of truth and face any outcome.


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