Neil to counteract Vidyut in Naamkarann


Neil and Vidyut get into an argument. Avni asks Neil to let Vidyut go. Neil tells him that he will vacate the house. Avni stops Neil from fighting with Vidyut, who was provoking him. Neil loses his cool when Vidyut badly eyes Avni. He tells Avni that he will make Vidyut pay for his deeds. Neil makes a plan and follows Vidyut, to catch his mum. Vidyut meets his mum and tells her what all he did to fill fear in Mishti’s heart. He tells her that he has hurt Neil by buying his apartment. She feels proud of him. She asks him to target Avni, who ruined her everything and got her insulted. She makes him more revengeful.

Avni plans to send Juhi and Mishti abroad to secure them. Avni gets to see Neil’s pictures in Juhi’s bag. The family fears for Avni and Neil’s relation, thinking Juhi still loves Neil. Neil surprises Vidyut by arresting him. He tells Vidyut that this is the answer for his moves. He arrests even his mum. He angers Vidyut by the dual arrest. He asks Vidyut how does he feel seeing his criminal mum arrested again. Vidyut holds his anger. Neil tells them the charges against them.

Avni finds Mishti upset. Avni tries to console her. She asks Mishti to go with Juhi. Mishti refuses to leave Avni. Avni tells her that she will always be with her. Ali informs them that Neil arrested Vidyut and his mum. Juhi fears Vidyut can spill out the truth. Ali tells Avni that Neil was calling her to inform the same. Vidyut uses his smartness to get free. Neil laughs on him. Vidyut then angers Neil by talking of Avni. He starts insulting Neil in front of his staff. Neil understands Vidyut is provoking him. Neil fights with him. Vidyut learns Neil is mistaken that Mishti is his daughter. He thinks he can use Mishti against Neil and Avni’s relation now. Vidyut manages to prove himself innocent.


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