Tu Aashiqui: Heartbreaking moment for Ahaan


Pankti calls Ahaan for a meet. He gets hopeful that she will be reciprocating his love by accepting his proposal. They meet at the musical instrument exhibition. Ahaan has come for meeting her. He also thinks of buying an instrument. Pankti comes there dressed as a bride. Ahaan gets happy seeing her. He asks her for the answer. Pankti tells him that she wants to buy something for him. She asks him his choice. He likes a guitar but gets sad seeing its sold.

She tries to explain him that sold things can’t become of him. She gives him examples. She tells him that if anything is sold, he can’t claim for it. Ahaan shows the dupatta which he got at Echo point. They have helped each other till now. Ahaan loves her. He asks her to reply. She asks him is it fine to ask for someone’s thing. He says no, it won’t be wrong, one who has bought the thing, it belongs only to the buyer. Pankti then reveals to him that she is already sold, she is like a commodity, she belongs to her buyer. Ahaan gets a huge shock knowing this. He tells her that she is a human and no one can buy her, how can she accept that she is like any thing to get sold or bought? Will Ahaan know JD’s truth? Keep reading.



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