Anami’s foster family comes to rescue in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Sudha is creating a confusion in Anami’s mind. Anami falls in unwanted traps. She doesn’t trust Lal Mahal members. She gets Vatsalya’s diary. She reads the diary to gain strength by Vatsalya’s words. She reads it out to Narottam. She tells him that Vatsalya always wished good for him, he cared for him, he couldn’t show his worries. Anami gets emotional. She tells Narottam that Vatsalya dearly loved him as a brother. Narottam misses Vatsalya. Anami doesn’t know what she is doing. Sudha is manipulating her.

Anami wanted her family to stay happy in Banaras. When her family is brought in Lal Mahal by Satrupa, Anami gets worried. Satrupa has high hopes from Anami’s family, who are genuine hearted people and could explain Anami that Sudha is wrong. She knows Anami will blindly believe her family, if they remark Sudha is using her. Satrupa hopes her last move works for them. Sudha also gets prepared to face Satrupa’s planning. The show will have many twists. Anami’s foster family will be showing Anami the truth of Sudha and Lal Mahal.


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