Homecoming and celebrations for Sukor in Udaan


Suraj gets Chakor back to Aazaadgunj. The villagers get happy seeing Chakor. Kasturi and Bhuvan welcome Chakor back. Kasturi says I knew you will come back, we didn’t lose hope. They learn Chakor is pregnant. Kasturi asks them to marry again as they didn’t get married in everyone’s presence before. Kasturi doesn’t want anyone to point a finger at Chakor’s pregnancy. Suraj agrees to marry Chakor again. The villagers celebrate Chakor’s return. Bhaiya ji and Imli make a plan. He loses his cool seeing Chakor. He asks shall I dance if Suraj and Chakor are making a family. Imli asks him to do a drama in front of everyone. He understands what she means, that no one doubts on him if anything happens to Chakor.

Suraj and Chakor get remarried in front of all the villagers. Pakhi hugs them. Imli controls her hatred and anger. She hugs Chakor and congratulates her. Suraj and Chakor were waiting for this day. Bhaiya ji acts like a happy and humble soul. He asks them to come to the haveli, as he has planned a surprise for them. He is going to have this last attack on Chakor, which will end Suraj and Chakor’s happiness. He vents out his anger by shooting dummies and tells Imli that he will shoot down Suraj and Chakor. Imli provokes his anger more as she wants Chakor to get away from their lives.


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