Teni fails to prove her innocence in Dil Se Dil Tak


Teni is trying to prove her innocence. Teni makes Parth talk to the man who uploaded the car accident video. The man doesn’t help her. Parth angrily leaves. Teni is worried on failing to prove her truth. She realizes Parth is getting away by this misunderstanding. The family supports Teni. The lives of Bhanushalis will be getting back on a happy track.

The family sends Parth with Teni, when she wants to have Golgappas. Teni demands she will eat Golgappas right away. Parth takes her to the chat stall. Teni doesn’t care for his anger and annoyance. She enjoys the Golgappas. She sees some girls there, who assume Parth is her husband. Teni asks the girls why are they staring at Parth. The girl praises Parth and tells Teni that she is very lucky to get him. She says I also want a handsome and caring husband like him.

Teni says its nothing like that, I m not his wife, he is just the father of my child. The girl asks how can this happen. Teni tells them that Parth is not her husband, she is just a surrogate mother of his child. She says rich people get a surrogate to get a child, its common these days. She says a girl gets much love, respect and care when she becomes a surrogate, there is nothing bad. There is a light scene between them. Teni then troubles Parth. She asks Parth to take her for shopping. She taunts him for not being as everyone thinks of him. She hopes maybe he will see her true side and trust her.


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