Ishita learns the secret behind Raman’s odd behavior in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Simmi attempts to ruin the family portrait. Ishita fails Simmi’s plans. She understands Simmi’s hatred for the family. Ishita and Raman spend some time. Raman takes care of her. He tells her that he is drawn to her since he has seen her, but he doesn’t know the reason. He feeds the food to her by his hands. Ishita and Raman live their old moments. The children get happy seeing them. They get hope that Raman will get fine soon. Simmi fails to stop Raman from being with Ishita.

Mani pays someone and clears Aaliya’s loans. The man demands more money. Mani asks him never to come to Bhalla house to complain about Aaliya. Mani feels Aaliya has done a wrong thing. Ashok looks for Ishita to reveal something shocking. Shagun asks him why did he free Ishita from jail when he is Bhallas’ enemy. Ashok gets unwell. Ishita cares for his state. She takes him away from Shagun. Shagun wonders how did they turn into friends. Ashok reveals to Ishita that he got to know about medicines, which is actually a banned drug which can make a person lose memory. Ishita gets a huge shock on learning this. She understands Raman is losing his memory because of Simmi.


She can’t believe Simmi can take revenge from Raman. She feels shattered seeing Raman losing his life’s memories. Ashok gets much critical. Ishita worries for him. He doesn’t want to get his disease treated. He just wants to focus on his repentance before he dies. He shares his sorrow with Ishita. He regrets for never being true and loyal to anyone, so he was left lonely in his life. He changes into a better person so that he can earn some good deeds. He thanks Ishita for being with him and taking care of him. He apologizes to her for all his bad deeds done in the past. Ishita thanks him for helping her in such a tough time and getting her back to the family. They get together to help Raman recover his memory. Ishita thinks Aaliya will believe her. She doesn’t want to lose the chance. She asks Ashok to get fine soon and help her. Ishita tries reaching Aaliya. She asks Aaliya about Raman’s medicines. She reveals to Aaliya about the medicines.


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