Piya’s track to end with Obros’ triumph in Ishqbaaz


Shivay and Omkara decide to reveal the truth to their wives. Rudra values their honesty. He encourages them to go ahead. Shivay tries to tell Anika the truth. He tells her that he was kidding by that foolish story, but it really turned true. Shivay tells the complete truth to Anika. He accepts his mistake, which he doesn’t even remember. He apologizes for breaking her trust. Piya gets to hear him and realizes Shivay was really wishing to be true to his wife. She thinks Shivay has earned Anika’s trust. She gets impressed by his honesty. Anika tells Shivay that she didn’t hear anything. Shivay decides to retry and reveal the truth.

Omkara asks Gauri to hear him once. Gauri stays busy with her work. He tries to reveal about Piya. Omkara fails to tell anything, as Gauri doesn’t let him complete. Rudra reveals to Bhavya that he met a girl in Goa. Bhavya asks him not to share anything with her, as they are not related. They end up having an argument. Bhavya asks Rudra why did he change so much. He blames her for changing him by making fun of his emotions.

He yells on her for slapping him in front of everyone and marrying Manav, as if his feelings didn’t mean anything to her. Rudra tells that she is wrong. Bhavya doesn’t clear his mind. She lets him stay with all the misunderstandings, feeling he doesn’t deserve to know her truth.


Piya sees Omkara’s true love for Gauri. She gets convinced that they were not lying. She reveals to Dinky that Shivay and Omkara really attempted to break the truth to their wives, they are really loyal. She doesn’t want to break them by Dinky’s plan. She goes to Obros and tells them that she will never blackmail them now, they can do anything of the video recording. She apologizes to them for all the troubles. She tells them that they didn’t do anything wrong, she was just testing their loyalty. They forgive her. She wishes all the men are loyal like them. Obros get saved. Rudra hides his feelings for Bhavya. Obros plan to celebrate Dadi’s birthday. Meanwhile, Abhay reaches close to find the man he is looking for. Shwetlana misses out Abhay.


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