Vidyut to realize Neil’s big secret plan in Naamkarann


Neil scolds Vidyut to answer him for all his bad remarks. Vidyut gets glad knowing Juhi has fooled him about Mishti. He maintains the lie to play with Neil’s emotions. He taunts that Neil is scared of him that Avni can fall for him. Neil gets angry on him. Bebe and Ali try to cheer up Juhi. They encourage Juhi to give time to Mishti and maintain patience in changing Mishti’s mind. Juhi tries to bond with Mishti. Mishti obeys Avni and refuses to celebrate Diwali with Juhi. Shweta praises Avni, which makes Juhi jealous.

Vidyut seeks the help of his lawyer, who changes the entire scene. The lawyer proves Vidyut was helping the police in catching his mum, who had escaped. He tells Neil that Vidyut has called the police to give info about his mum. He proves Vidyut innocent. Neil gets helpless to free Vidyut. Vidyut gets a clean chit. He still threatens Neil about Avni.

Shweta knows Mishti loves Avni a lot. She tells Neela that Mishti doesn’t want to become Juhi’s friend. Juhi feels she has lost everything because of Avni. She dumps the sindoor and adds artificial colors in the box so that Avni gets hurt.

On the contrary, Avni cheers up Juhi. She supports Juhi by keeping her wishes. She takes Juhi out for shopping, as Vidyut is arrested. Vidyut gets his freedom. Neil and Vidyut have an ego clash. Vidyut spots Juhi in the market and understands Neil’s trap for his mum. He thinks of kidnapping Juhi. Neil comes home to alert everyone about Vidyut. He learns Avni and Juhi have gone to the market for Diwali shopping. He worries for their lives. He tells them that Vidyut can do anything to take revenge. When Avni and Juhi come home, Neil yells on Avni for being so careless and inviting risk by her stupid moves. Avni asks him why did he not inform her. She gets upset with Neil. Neil asks Avni to understand her mistake. Shweta tells Neela that Neil and Avni are getting distanced because of Juhi. Neela feels Juhi’s presence is affecting them. She doesn’t want Juhi to come between them.


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