Avni and Neil to drift apart in Naamkarann


Avni and Neil’s argument drifts them apart. Neil tries to monitor Vidyut. Neil gets hurt by Avni’s words. Avni realizes her mistakes. Neela explains Avni that it was Neil’s mistake to yell on her in front of everyone, but she should never hurt Neil. She tells her to remember valuing a relation. Shweta doesn’t believe Mishti is Neil’s daughter, as he didn’t marry Juhi. Neela tells her that Neil has confessed about having a child with Juhi. Shweta gets upset on learning this. Vidyut gets angry on realizing Neil’s plan of framing his mum in fake murder case of Juhi. He thinks Juhi is wishing for Mishti by lying to Neil about her birth. He gets doubtful on Juhi’s intentions. He pledges revenge from Juhi too.

Vidyut meets his mum. He reveals to her that Juhi is alive. She fills anger in him. He tells her that he will be freeing her soon and they will together take revenge from Neil, Avni and Juhi.

Mishti doesn’t bond with Juhi, which angers the latter more. Juhi gets jealous of Avni, who controls everyone in the family. Neil stays upset with Avni. Juhi tries to explain him to end the fight. Neil asks her not to interfere in their matter. Juhi gets hurt by his rudeness. Shweta tells Bebe that its Juhi’s mistake to stay here and break Neil and Avni. Avni thinks of apologizing to Neil. They have cute moments. Avni apologizes to Neil. Neil too apologizes to her. He admits his mistake. The duo ends up arguing again. Mishti finds a way to end their fight and get them together.


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