Bhaiya ji’s plan to badly backfire in Udaan


Bhaiya ji does aarti and wards off the bad sight of Chakor. Suraj gets surprised. Bhaiya ji tells them that his grandson will be raised in haveli, he will be playing with his grandson. Tejaswini is happy seeing Suraj and Chakor having their family. Bhaiya ji asks Shiv ji to bless Suraj, Chakor and their coming baby. He shows everything has changed for the better. He wants to harm Chakor. He asks the guests to enjoy the delicious dishes. Bhaiya ji plays dhol and sings happily. Bhaiya ji adds poison in the kheer. Chakor acts clever when he sends the kheer by a servant to her. Chakor takes the kheer to feed Bhaiya ji.

He gets tensed and refuses to eat it, knowing it has poison. He says I got this made for you, you should have it. Chakor knows Bhaiya ji has added something in it. She insists him to have the kheer else she will think he has no happiness for her return and his heir coming. He refuses. The kheer falls down. Bhaiya ji tries to appear innocent. He says it was not in my fate. Chakor argues with him. Chakor starts suspecting him. His plan backfires. Chakor tells Bhaiya ji that she will expose the culprit behind the attack on her.


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