Greece calling for KaiRa in Yeh Rishta…

KaiRa union to face high criticism in Yeh Rishta...

Naira gets showered with gifts. The family pampers her. Naira tells Kartik that she has a gift for him. She gives him the hint by a cute surprise. Kartik sees Greece pictures and map. Naira tells him that they are going Greece for a short vacation. Kartik and Naira romance. On the other hand, Kirti worries thinking Naksh still misses Tara. She sees him lost. She thinks Naksh didn’t move on by his heart. Dadi learns Kartik and Naira’s Greece trip plans. She gets upset with Naira’s planning.

Naira asks Dadi what thing has upset her. Dadi thinks it was time for Naksh and Kirti to go for honeymoon. She thinks Naira bags all the attention. She asks Naira to think for Kirti once. Naira tells her that Naksh and Kirti have to decide for themselves. Dadi decides to send Naksh and Kirti along. Naira apologizes to her. She asks Dadi to ask Naksh once.

Kirti asks Naksh if Tara is still in his heart. Naksh understands that his behavior is making Kirti worry. He answers her questions. Naksh tells Kirti that the hockey belongs to Nannu, not Tara. He tells Kirti that he accepted that Tara is not in his life now. He says its just Kirti in his life, heart and mind now. Kirti gets glad.

Aryan creates a trouble for Kartik by bribing an official. Manish and Akhilesh wait for tender opening. Manish asks Kartik not to worry, and wait for tender results. Dadi meets Naksh and Kirti. She surprises them with the Greece tickets. Naksh also surprises Kirti with a honeymoon plan and asks Kirti to decide the place where she wants to go. Kirti tells Naksh that she will wish to go with Naksh’s choice. Kartik asks Naira to be careful. Naira doubts on Aryan for a while. Aryan apologizes to her for the cake.


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