Ishita determines to save the family in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ishita asks Raman to buy something for his family. They spend time together. He decides unique gifts. He tells her that he likes to talk to her. Adi and Ruhi get into an argument. Adi tells Ruhi that Raman is in depression and he doesn’t remember anything. Ruhi says Raman is paying for his deeds, as he has done wrong with her. She says Raman should have told me on my face. Aaliya explains her that Raman is facing a tough time. Ruhi says he was fine before, but he was always selfish. Ruhi asks them not to do emotional blackmail to her.

Raman starts liking Ishita. She tries to remind him their old days. They makes wishes. He likes to listen to her and try new things. Romi misses Mihika. He feels Raman and Ishita would have helped him. He thinks his life is shattering and its going out of hands now. The elders ask him to rectify his mistake and reconcile with Mihika. They try to find some way to talk to her.


Ishita gives a lunch treat to everyone. Simmi gets angered seeing Raman with Ishita. Ishita corners Simmi to confront her about the medicines. Adi asks Aaliya if she is hiding anything from him again. He tells her how Mani is managing and repaying her loans. They end up arguing. Aaliya tells him that she will end the relation if that gives them happiness. Adi asks her to think what she is saying. Aaliya turns upset with him. Simmi doesn’t regret her doings. Ishita warns her to stop herself in time. Simmi tells her that no one will believe her even if she tries. Ishita and Simmi get into an argument. Raman hears them and makes Ishita apologize to Simmi. Simmi gets glad and shows how much Raman is in her control.


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