Bhaiya ji’s foul play puzzles Chakor in Udaan


Chakor lodges a complaint against Bhaiya ji, after learning that he has tried to murder her. She has heard his crime confession, but hides the truth from Suraj, so that he doesn’t get eager for revenge. She doesn’t want father-son duo to turn enemies. Knowing Chakor’s weakness, Bhaiya ji makes a plan to win villagers’ heart. The villagers don’t believe Chakor when she tells them that Bhaiya ji has mixed poison in the tanker. She fails to prove herself. He plays the next move, by gifting a water pump to the villagers.

He says this is the gift for my bahu who would be staying in village for some months, since she is pregnant, I want her to get comforts like the haveli, I don’t like women standing in queues for water.

He tells them that this gift is beneficial for entire village. The villagers get glad seeing the new water supply pump. They happily dance under the water shower. Bhaiya ji gives them happiness. He tells them that water will solve major problems for them. Suraj gets surprised by his move. He gets glad and believes Bhaiya ji. Kasturi and Bhuvan feel Chakor’s baby is lucky for everyone. The villagers thank Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji wants to act good in front of everyone, so that Chakor’s accusations on him fall flat. Chakor knows that Suraj will always support her, no matter how Bhaiya ji manipulates.


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