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    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara: Laila thinks of a solution to clear her debts. She thinks even if Anant doesn’t marry her, she can strike a deal with him. She meets Anant. She tells him that he can marry Ahana. She expresses her fears regarding Ahana. She tells him that Ahana may regret to marry him after a year. Anant is sure that Ahana is sensible and she will never regret for her commitment. She asks him to go ahead and marry Ahana, only after securing her future. She tells him that she trusts him and his feelings for Ahana. She agrees to permit him for marriage, only if he agrees to her condition. Anant agrees to all her conditions.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Anami and Lakshya miss Madhu. Satrupa sees their bonding. She thinks of influencing Lakshya. Anami keeps her promise to Madhu and doesn’t leave Lakshya alone. Anami leaves for college, giving Lakshya’s responsibility to Poonam. Satrupa meets Lakshya. She tells him that Anami has gone out, but she can have breakfast with him. She explains him about Sudha’s place in Anami’s life. She tries to win his heart by a good talk. She tells him that everyone has their own fears, so he shouldn’t take any stress to stay in Lal Mahal between them.


    Kartik and Naira get busy in their Greece trip planning. She asks him to leave his tensions. She makes him smile. She tells her plans for their honeymoon. He tells her that they will have their love story from a new start. She informs him about Dadi’s doings. He doesn’t like Dadi wishing to send Naksh and Kirti with them, without asking their consent. Naira asks him not to talk to Dadi about it, as the matter got solved. Naksh and Kirti too start planning their honeymoon trip. Naira gets too excited. She shares her romantic ideas with Kartik.


    Neil and Avni have a romantic moment. Neil demands to fill sindoor in her hairline. Shweta tries to convince Mishti for leaving with Juhi. Neil’s romantic side cheers up Avni. While he puts sindoor, it falls over her face, by which she gets allergy. Neil gets worried for Avni. He asks her about her allergy. She asks him to call Neela. She gets troubled by his sindoor craze. Juhi tells Neela that she is going to leave with Mishti. Neela tells her that Ali will drop her to the airport. Juhi gets a huge shock when she sees Vidyut in the car, instead Ali.


    Anika wants to stay slim and fit. She follows a diet. Shivay asks her not to follow any diet as it can affect her health. Anika argues with him. He tells her that she can never follow any strict diet, as she can’t bear hunger. She gets determined to prove him wrong. She asks Shivay to get tamarind for her, which she has to eat regularly for losing fat. Dinky misunderstands her words. Rudra and Bhavya’s relation stays troubled. Rudra tells the family that he is fed up hearing he is young, he wants someone else to take his place. Dinky goes to reveal the good news about Anika. She starts giving hints and teases Anika.

    Meri Durga:

    Durga tells her family that she hates Sanjay. When the family worries, Durga thinks to hide the truth. She lies to them that Sanjay is burdening them with the responsibilities, so she hates him. Yashpal tells her that they were scared thinking Sanjay has hurt her. She doesn’t want them to go through the same pain as her. She keeps patience.

    Brij tells her that it was their dream to get her married. The mehendi function begins with much enthusiasm. Sanjay tells Gayatri about Durga’s next task. Gayatri asks him to complicate the task, by diverting her attention so that diya gets blown off in time. He finds Durga smart enough to manage. She helps him dealing with Durga. The family gets happy to see Durga. Sanjay arrives with his family. He tells Yashpal that he wanted to keep their honor by gracing the occasion. Sanjay reminds the task to Durga.

    She shows him the diya which is fine and lighting till now. Durga does his aarti with the same diya. He tries to make the task tougher for her. She doesn’t get scared. Durga performs holding the diya. When Sanjay tries to make her lose the task, she loses her cool and yells on him in front of everyone. Durga’s family asks her not to treat Sanjay badly, as he has always lend support to them. Durga lies to them about the mannat. She feels helpless to cheat her family, because of Sanjay.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    When Ishita and Simmi get into a verbal argument, Raman hears them and defends Simmi. He gets against Ishita on seeing her threaten Simmi. He tells her that Simmi is very important for him and he will not tolerate her misbehavior. He decides to call off the deal. He asks her to apologize to Simmi. Ishita doesn’t want to end the deal. She apologizes to Simmi. She ends the matter. Simmi tells Ishita that Raman just listens to her. She asks Ishita to accept the fact that Raman has forgotten her now and she is nowhere in his life. Ishita warns Simmi. She tells Simmi that she can do anything to save Raman. Iyers and Bhallas try to make Romi and Mihika reconcile. Romi is ashamed of his mistake. He apologizes to Iyers, hoping to get a chance to save his marriage. Iyers agree to help him.


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