Laila strikes a deal with Anant in Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara


Laila thinks of a solution to clear her debts. She thinks even if Anant doesn’t marry her, she can strike a deal with him. She meets Anant. She tells him that he can marry Ahana. She expresses her fears regarding Ahana. She tells him that Ahana may regret to marry him after a year. Anant is sure that Ahana is sensible and she will never regret for her commitment. She asks him to go ahead and marry Ahana, only after securing her future. She tells him that she trusts him and his feelings for Ahana. She agrees to permit him for marriage, only if he agrees to her condition. Anant agrees to all her conditions.

Laila gets glad that Anant got related to her family in a different way, but her purpose is getting fulfilled. Anant informs Roshni about Laila’s decision. Roshni congratulates him, but gets sad. Laila tells Ahana that she has given her nod to Anant. Ahana asks her if she did any deal again.


Laila thanks Ahana for trapping Anant, as she could get what she wanted because of Ahana. Ahana gets angry on her on knowing her cheap condition. Laila lies to her about the condition. Ahana thinks of meeting Anant and know the real matter. Laila provokes Ahana by calling her exactly like her gold digger mum. Ahana hates Laila even more. She tells Laila that she truly loves Ahana and is not marrying him for money. Laila is sure that Anant will help her in each and every loan repayment once he marries Ahana.


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