Rishton Ka Chakravyuh: Adhiraj versus Pujan


Lakshya fights with Anami. He tells her that she has changed a lot, as she has left him alone in the big palace. He asks her to go to Sudha and be with her. He doesn’t believe that Anami loves him. Anami gets hurt and thinks she has been at fault. Pujan gets informed that Adhiraj has caught up his hired shooter. He gets worried and tells Avdhoot that Adhiraj can break the man and get info from him. He thinks of getting the man killed before he reaches court. Anami tries to make up to Lakshya. She apologizes to him. Lakshya stays annoyed with her.

She convinces him by her talk. She makes him meet the kids. Lakshya gets happy. Anami asks Satrupa not to involve Lakshya in her fight. She wants Lakshya to be away from everyone. She sees Satrupa taking care of Lakshya. She tells Satrupa that she is there to look after Lakshya.

Satrupa sees her plan working, when Anami spends more time with Lakshya than Sudha. Sudha goes to Dadi and threatens her. She reminds Dadi what happened in the past. She asks Dadi to be careful of her. Dadi gets scared by Sudha. She asks Dada ji to make Sudha out of Lal Mahal, before Sudha spoils poison in their lives. Dada ji decides to tackle Sudha by throwing her roots out. Adhiraj tries to protect the criminal and take him to court, hoping he will speak out all the truth. Pujan sends some goons to get the man killed on the way. Satrupa feels Lakshya can help her reach her motives in making Sudha away.


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