Ratan poses a unique task for Diya in Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya

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Diya gets upset thinking about Ratan’s protest for a normal life. She recalls the attacks on Ratan. Ratan thinks Diya didn’t join cooking classes since she is dedicated to him round the clock. He thinks she has also sacrificed her life and normal living for his sake. Ratan meets Diya at night. He makes a demand and asks her to take a leave from protector’s duty. He tries to cheer her up, knowing he has spoiled her mood by his stupid arguments. He tells her that he didn’t go to Disco, but he is not getting sleep because of hunger.

She tells him that she will order food for him. He asks her to make khichdi for him, since he wants to have simple and light food at night. She tells him that she doesn’t know cooking. He tells her that he can’t ask the family to cook for him, after what happened in morning. He acts of getting stomach ache by hunger. She worriedly gets the ingredients for khichdi.

She follows the recipe online and prepares khichdi along with Ratan. He helps her out while doing his cute hunger drama. They wait for khichdi to cook up. Ratan adds much salt in it. He does a mistake and regrets when he fails to digest the salty khichdi. He asks Diya to join cooking classes to cook food for him, since she doesn’t let him have food made by anyone else. Diya thinks if he has done the entire thing to push her for cooking classes. Later on, Ratan hides from Diya and leaves from the palace, without any security. Diya thinks of the threat on his life. The family stops Diya from going to Ratan. Diya worries for Ratan. Ratan sees someone following him and gets prepared to face his enemy.


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