Imli to double-cross Bhaiya ji in Udaan

Udaan Chakor get suspicious about Imli's return

Chakor wants to expose Bhaiya ji. He doesn’t change his doings. Chakor takes a step against Bhaiya ji. She gets hurt while reaching the village. Suraj gets worried seeing her. She tells everyone that the tanker water is poisoned. Bhaiya ji denies the blames. He tells the villagers that Chakor can’t see him becoming good and helping the villagers, she is jealous of him. Chakor and Suraj ask Bhaiya ji to drink the village and show everyone that the water is fine.

Chakor says Bhaiya ji has done a big favor on everyone by arranging the tanker, he is a noble man, he should drink water first to prove his intentions. Bhaiya ji refuses to have it. Suraj insists him and asks him to prove the truth. He says I believe Chakor is right, you are claiming to be true, then drink this water and show us. Everyone asks Bhaiya ji to drink water.

Chakor doesn’t want Bhaiya ji to suffer for a test. She saves him from the test, thinking he may die if they force him. Chakor puts water on a plant and shows the bad effects of poison on it. Suraj believes Chakor. Bhaiya ji gets under suspicion again. Chakor proves Bhaiya ji wrong. On the other hand, Imli is double-crossing Bhaiya ji. He is not aware of Imli’s planning. Imli becomes Chakor’s fake secret keeper and passes the info to Bhaiya ji. Imli is trying to be in Chakor’s good books, while provoking Bhaiya ji to higher his level and kill Chakor soon. She plans to create more enmity Chakor and Bhaiya ji so that they both get cleared from her way.


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