Abhay to return with vengeance in Ishqbaaz


Abhay wants to take revenge from Oberoi family. He has a strong connection with Kalyani mills fire incident, since his family got ruined after it. He shouts to blame Tej. He feels Tej is his culprit. He says my dad was an honest man, he wanted to support truth, you couldn’t accept this, you made him out of the business, he was also a partner, he has worked hard for the business, but Tej burnt the mills to get insurance money to set this empire. He asks Tej to accept his sins. He says Tej brought my family on roads, and made this big empire for himself. Tej couldn’t accept the blames. He asks Abhay to mind his language, they will not accept any nonsense. He tells Abhay some secrets related to his dad.

He says we have removed Vishal from family and business for a reason, if we are listening, it doesn’t mean you will go on saying anything, Vishal was a liar, fraud and mean man, he was corrupt, you might not be knowing his truth. Abhay asks Tej not to say a word against his dad, else he won’t leave them. Shivay asks Abhay not to tell anything against Tej and Shakti. He tells Abhay that he has tried to find everything about the fire incident, Shukla told them that his family is not involved in this. He says I have personally investigated this matter.


Abhay says Shukla was their personal manager, maybe he is lying. Shivay says you may also be lying. Abhay asks if I present an evidence then, it will prove these accusations are true, my dad was not wrong, they are wrong. Shivay asks him to show the proof. Abhay fails to show the proof. He plays the tape. He gets a shock on seeing the video blank.

Shivay asks is this your proof. Abhay says your fate is good that tape didn’t work, but truth will surely come out some day. He tells Shivay that he is not doing this for money, he wants to show them the true face of his parents. He says this Oberoi empire is made up of cheat and fraud, not by any hardwork, you all are proud of this. Shivay calls it enough. Obros makes him leave the house. Abhay tells them that he will end their existence. Shivay stands for the family. Abhay gets a call from someone who blackmails him. Abhay is ready to do anything to get the evidence tape.

Abhay has threatened the Oberois and broke their peace. Abhay gets the evidence and proves himself. Dadi feels bad for Abhay’s fate. Obros try to make things normal. Dadi asks her grandsons not to be against Abhay. She feels sympathy for him.

Later, Shivay and Anika have a romantic moment. Shivay acts filmi and surprises her. Omkara and Gauri have an eyelock and freeze. Rudra and Bhavya call them and see their non-responsive state. They remove their chairs, and get a surprise finding them as statues of love. Rudra feels Omkara is really lost in Gauri’s eyes. Bhavya says they should get some time alone. Rudra gets a fake snake and disturbs them. Omkara scolds Rudra. The brothers have a funny moment.


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