Soumya to fight for Preeto’s rights in Shakti


Preeto is paying for her mistakes. Harak has made her leave the house. Preeto sheds tears and thinks if anyone will come to stop her. Raavi stops Preeto. She asks Preeto to come back home, Harak will apologize to her. Preeto sadly tells her that he would have come to stop his wife, he is really after Mohini now. She refuses to come home. Preeto has got homeless. Preeto does a suicide drama. She reaches the terrace and shouts for Harman. She threatens of jumping down. She complains about Harak. She asks someone to call Harman, she can’t live without him. She does a big drama. The family asks her to come down. She vents out anger. She acts weird, as if she has lost it. Preeto feels Harman will come for her rescue. Harak and Mohini enjoy the drama.

Maninder is very happy. He feeds sweets to everyone. He shares the good news with everyone. He says my work got a new start, my business will run again. He gives the second news that Harak made Preeto out of the house, he has got Mohini home. Surbhi and Varun worry hearing the news. Surbhi says this shouldn’t happen with Preeto. Varun asks where did Preeto go. Preeto comes there to meet Varun. She asks him to come with her to help. Surbhi stops Varun from going with her. Surbhi thinks Preeto is doing a drama again. She doesn’t believe Preeto’s tears. Maninder and Biji laugh seeing Preeto helpless. They eat sweets.

Preeto thinks Harman and family are against her, the drama turned true, but Harman will not believe her. Everyone removes Preeto from their lives. Preeto gets sorrowful and goes away from them.

Soumya learns Preeto is missing. Soumya looks for Preeto. Surbhi meets Soumya. She asks Soumya why is she worrying for Preeto, who has always troubled her. Soumya tells Surbhi that Preeto is Harman’s mum, she knows Preeto has done everything for her son. She scolds Surbhi for speaking against Preeto. Surbhi asks her to understand, this is also Preeto’s drama. Soumya says Preeto is my Saas, I have no bitterness for her, she is a mum and she is right in her place. Surbhi says she has done so wrong. Soumya says I still have same respect for her. She asks Surbhi not to stop her, she will find Preeto. Soumya asks the kinners to help her in finding Preeto. She requests them. Soumya will be fighting for Preeto’s rights.
Will Preeto change her heart for Soumya? Keep reading.


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