Anami to suspect Sudha’s intentions in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Pujan makes a plan and gets his aide encountered by Adhiraj. Adhiraj is left with no option than to shoot down the escaping criminal. Pujan gets the news and is relieved that Adhiraj can’t reach him now. He wants to celebrate his win. On the other hand, Sudha tries to win Anami’s heart by asking Narottam to lose out to Lakshya in the game. She tells Narottam that he will have to lose this small game to win the big game. Lakshya wins the game and gets delighted. Sudha tries to influence him.

Even Satrupa wins Lakshya’s heart by gifting him sports gear. Sudha fools Anami by showing her fake concern for Lakshya. She showcases Lal Mahal in bad light again. Anami feels sorry for Sudha’s fate. Sudha and Narottam lay a new trap for Anami. Anami finds Dadi unwell. Dadi tells Anami about Sudha. Anami gets worried for Dadi. She thinks to find out if Sudha is really concealing her truth.


Lakshya tells Anami about Satrupa’s gifts. Anami learns Satrupa is bonding with Lakshya. She doesn’t want Lakshya to get trapped in any conspiracy. She asks Satrupa to stay away from Lakshya. She returns all the gifts. Satrupa tells her that she was just cheering Lakshya. She asks Anami to open eyes and sees Sudha’s truth. Dadi gets scared of Sudha. The family worries for Dadi. Dadi tells them that Sudha is threatening to kill her. Anami assures Dadi that she is always with her. Baldev wants to throw out Sudha. Satrupa promises Baldev that Anami will make Sudha out of the house. She starts guiding Anami to find out Sudha’s truth.


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