Manish protects Kartik’s happiness in Yeh Rishta…


The family gets sad for Naira and Kartik. Manish feels helpless that he couldn’t help Kartik achieve his happiness. Naira informs Naksh that their trip got cancelled. Naksh learns the problem. Dadi asks Manish to encourage Kartik. Kartik decides to leave for Jaipur. Manish tells him that he will accompany him. Naksh wishes Kartik for the meeting. He tells Kartik that its their chance to succeed for the family’s sake. He cheers up Kartik. Kartik looks forward to finish the work soon and return home in time so that Naira’s happiness doesn’t get down.

Naksh and Kirti talk about Naira and Kartik’s sorrow. Rajshri gets to know the matter. Naksh also cancels their trip. Rajshri tells them that Naira and Kartik will feel guilty if he cancels his trip for them. She asks them not to let their happiness down and live with the moment.

Kartik promises Naira that he will make up for this. She gives her best wishes. Kartik learns his meeting is called off. He gets glad and informs the family. The couple resumes their Greece trip. Everyone gets happy for them. Kartik and Naira get their packing rechecked. They promise the family that they will take care and call them regularly. KaiRa wishes all the best to Naksh and Kirti as well. Another shock comes when the police lands home to arrest Kartik. Goenkas get a huge shock. Manish tells inspector that Kartik has gone office. He lies to keep police away from spoiling Kaira’s honeymoon plans. Manish tells Akhilesh that Kartik can never bribe any official. He asks him to find out the culprit.


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