Laila announces Ahana-Anant’s marriage in Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara


Roshni gets too disappointed with Anant. She feels she has lost Anant to Ahana. Ahana makes a leave, and feels sorry for whatever happened. Rehaan drops Ahana home. Anant explains Roshni that he will always love her, all the relations have their own commitments. Laila wants Ahana and Anant to marry off soon. She finds their relation beneficial. She tells her friend that making Anant her son in law will make her reap more benefits.

Roshni gets glad that her carving got completed finally. She thanks Anant. She apologizes for her misbehavior. Anant wants to let it go. Anant plans a family outing. He wants Ahana to join them, so that Roshni gets to know Ahana well. Anant tells Ahana that its not easy for Roshni to accept their relation, but the good thing is Roshni is trying to understand them.

Laila finds golden opportunities coming her way. She gets the news of Anant and Ahana in papers. Saloni feels Laila shouldn’t have done this, as Ahana will react angrily reading the news. She tells Laila about Ahana’s tension. Laila tells Saloni that if the news is spread, Anant will not back out from his decision. She makes it a matter of prestige. Guptas read the news and find it shocking. Gupta plays his game of troubling Laila. Laila asks Ahana to be careful of Roshni, who can oppose her. Ahana tells Laila that Anant invited her for the family outing. Laila gives her some tips to keep her status. Anant and his family drive to Ahana’s house to pick her. Roshni asks Laila to join them too. Laila happily agrees to come along.


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