Shivika’s romance plans go horribly wrong in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz New entry brings troubles for Anika

Omkara and Rudra plan to get Shivay and Anika’s romance going. Omkara scolds him for the flop planning. Gauri comes up with an idea to give love inducing drug to Shivay. She tells them the desi remedies for romance. They don’t know Anika has another plans to brew up romance. Anika plans to watch a romantic movie with Shivay. She removes the DVD cover so that the surprise remains a surprise. Dadi orders a bhajan CD. She gets the move DVD by mistake. Anika’s DVD get swapped.

Gauri plans to add the herb in the juice drink. She tells them that Shivay and Anika’s love life will get spiced up. Gauri uses the formula and makes the special drink. Omkara and Gauri have a moment. He gets regretful over his past. She tells him that his past will never come between them. Omkara and Gauri romance, while getting spotted by Pinky.

Anika gives a romantic surprise to Shivay. He gets moved by her efforts. Gauri sends the juice for him. Anika asks him to have the drink. She tells her movie plans. Shivay asks her why does she want to watch a movie at this time.

Anika plays the bhajan DVD. All her plans flop when Shivay gets sick after having the juice. Anika’s plans go wrong, while Gauri expects them to be romancing. Anika worries for Shivay’s state. Gauri learns the juice drink she prepared for Shivay got exchanged, and its Omkara who consumed the love dose. Omkara gets romancing her. Gauri thinks her formula worked on them itself. Anika and Shivay get a shock when the bhajan plays. The worse happens when Dadi sees the romantic movie. She gets a huge shock seeing the DVD brought for Shivay. Anika and Shivay get saddened thinking of their plans going wrong. They get another shock when the curtains catch fire. They hurriedly put off the fire. The family plans to leave the couple alone at home.


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