Pihu to reveal Simmi’s misdeeds in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Simmi tries to make Ishita away from Raman. Adi and Aaliya take a stand for Ishita, while Simmi fuels the family against her. She doesn’t want the family to depend on Ishita again. Simmi tells the elders that Ishita is trying hard to get back in Raman’s life. While she tries to throw the flowers away, Raman scolds her. He tells Simmi that he will take the flowers to office. Raman begins to get out of Simmi’s control. Romi, Adi and Aaliya get happy for Raman. Simmi fools the family that she is protecting Raman from Ishita. Ishita goes to meet Pihu, instead Raman. She tells Ashok that she will not be accepted easily by family.

Adi is denied payments in the office. Parmeet insults Adi. He tries to create differences between Adi and Aaliya. Adi gets angry on hearing Parmeet. Parmeet heads the company. He doesn’t want to donate any cash to Adi.


Raman and Ruhi meet at office. Ruhi sees him changing and trusting her. She thinks of the time when Raman refused to meet her. Ishita meets Pihu at her school. She showers gifts on Pihu. Pihu gets delighted on seeing her. She reveals the sorrow of Simmi filling fear in her. Ishita learns what Simmi is doing with her children. She sees Pihu’s troubled childhood. Pihu and Ishita get emotional. Pihu tells her that Simmi doesn’t let her meet the family and made her completely away. Ishita apologizes to her for what all she has faced till now. She asks Pihu to come home with her. Pihu refuses to face Simmi. Ishita promises to make everything fine. She doesn’t want Simmi to do more injustice with her family.


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