SuKor to reveal Bhaiya ji’s evil drama in Udaan


Suraj and Chakor expose Bhaiya ji’s crime. Suraj shouts and catches his neck. He says I will not leave you alive, I will feed you that poisonous water. Bhaiya ji falls in dirt. He was challenging Chakor to save the villagers. The villagers beat up Bhaiya ji. Suraj says you tried to kill my Chakor, and vents out anger. He asks Bhaiya ji how dare he attempt to kill Chakor. Chakor stops Suraj. She doesn’t want a father to die by a son’s hands. She tells Suraj that he can’t take laws in his hand, as she doesn’t want Suraj to go jail leaving behind his responsibility towards their child. Suraj asks Bhaiya ji to drink the poison. He loses his cool. He says everyone would have died drinking the poison, you are yamdud. Though Chakor saves Bhaiya ji from Suraj’s wrath, Bhaiya ji runs away telling Chakor that he will not leave her.

Chakor’s baby shower ceremony will be seen in coming track. Bhaiya ji reaches Kasturi’s house. He sees the happiness on everyone’s face. Suraj performs in the function. Suraj meets Chakor, when the women stop him from coming in the ceremony. Suraj gives a gift to Chakor. She gets surprised seeing a dream house model. They get emotional. Suraj and Chakor have a romantic moment. He makes a promise that he will protect Chakor and their child. He makes vows. Tejaswini blesses them. She is very happy to welcome her grandson. Kasturi and Tejaswini carry the rituals ahead.

Suraj gets a call. He gets informed about Ranvijay. His happiness gets a hurdle. Suraj tells the matter to Chakor. She tells him that she will also come along. Suraj refuses to take her along. He tells her that he will give the statement against Ranvijay, its important, else Ranvijay will get released. Chakor permits him to go. They don’t want Ranvijay to get released, realizing he will become a threat for his own family and them again.

Suraj goes leaving Chakor sad. Kasturi and Tejaswini dance and try to cheer Chakor. Bhaiya ji gets shagun for Chakor. Tejaswini throws the shagun. She shouts on him. She asks him how can he be heartless, he was going to kill the villagers and today he has come here to do drama again. Bhaiya ji doesn’t leave. Chakor gets an idea to send him. She shows him a knife, which has fingerprints of the murderer. He gets worried. Bhaiya ji gets threatened and silently leaves.


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