Ishq Mein Marjawa: Aarohi trapped in a wicked plan


Sushant escapes from the jail. Lakshya informs this to Aarohi and Deep. Deep gets worried and tells Prithvi to be extra careful from now on, as the matter got settled this time. Prithvi and Deep make a new plan to tackle Aarohi. Deep proves his love is true. He gives drugs to Aarohi and puts her to sleep. Aarohi reminisces the old sweet moments spent with Deep. She gets conscious. Deep calms her worries. He tells her that situation is tough for them, and they have to face it together.

Deep shoots Prithvi and plays a drama in front of Aarohi. Aarohi finds Prithvi alive and recalls the incident. She asks Deep how can Prithvi be alive when he has shot Prithvi in front of her eyes. Deep denies the matter to fool her. Aarohi gets in a dilemma over Deep’s truth. Deep tries to make Aarohi mad. She tells Deep that this can’t be her imagination. Deep starts his dangerous planning. The family does the drama in front of Aarohi.
They all tell Aarohi that she is going mad. She asks them to believe her. Aarohi gets confused between the two truths meeting her eyes and senses.



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