Teni gets troubled by own mischief in Dil Se Dil Tak


Teni succeeds in making the caretaker away. She scares the girl by planning a drama. The Bhanushali women help Teni. They all take the ghost avatar to scare the girl. Teni doesn’t want Parth to stay away from her. Even the family wants Parth to look after Teni and the baby, which will help him get over the sorrow. The caretaker runs away from the house. Teni gets happy that she finally succeeded. Dadi says the girl ran away seeing our faces, we can sleep in peace now. The caretaker learns its Teni’s planning.

She hides and hears their talk. She scares Teni. Teni asks what are you doing here. The girl tells her that she is also playing the same game, she knew the plan knowing Teni wanted to make her out of the house. Teni scolds her for not thinking about the baby and scaring her. She says I will call Parth and complain about you. The girl asks her not to call, as she will herself leave the job. She says the family is really mad, I will not work here, I was helpless and in need of money that I agreed to do this job, you are forcing me to leave the job, you will be punished for making me bear this pain. She says you will realize the pain while delivering the baby, I just came to help you, but you have done wrong. Teni worries hearing her curses.


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