Ishqbaaz: Shivay welcomes Abhay to the Oberoi family


Abhay tells Obros that Tej is making his manager lie. Shivay doubts that Abhay is lying to them. He asks Abhay to make a leave than blackmailing them for money. Abhay tells Shivay that his motive is not money, but his rights and respect in the family. He tells Shivay to see Tej’s true face first. He is sure that their belief will break on their parents if they see the tape. Anika asks Abhay to present the proof if he has anything. Abhay tells them that he has the video tape which will prove Tej’s crime. Pinky doubts that Tej is really involved in the fire incident. Jhanvi has her belief in Tej. Abhay gets the tape and plays it to show them. Abhay gets worried on finding the tape blank.

Shivay tells him that his proof is totally blank, it means he is a liar. Abhay wonders how the tape got changed. He gets blackmailed by Shwetlana. Abhay gets helpless to listen to her, if he has to prove himself true. Obros ask Abhay to get out of the house. They all try to make Abhay away. Abhay threatens them. Obros are sure that no one can separate them. Abhay tells them that the truth will break their happy family. He warns them against the day which will ruin them.

Dadi feels bad when Obros hurt Abhay and kick him out of the house. Abhay promises to come back with the proof. He wants to shatter their pride. Shivay gets worried by Abhay’s threatening. He tries hard to get those things out of his mind. Abhay’s challenge that Obros will get divided makes Shivay’s heart ache. Shivay tells Anika that he can’t let anyone hurt his brothers.

Abhay’s confidence makes elder Oberois worry. Tej doesn’t think Abhay has any real evidence. They feel Abhay was just threatening them to make them accept the truth. Rudra stays disturbed over Abhay’s challenge. Shivay and Omkara calm his worries. Obros don’t want anyone else to come between them. Shivay doesn’t want anyone to break their unity. Obros maintain their unity and clear out their growing insecurities.

Dadi feels bad that Abhay was removed from the house, just like his dad was thrown out. She feels sorry for Abhay, who lost all his rights in the family. Dadi requests Obros to get back Abhay. They agree to Dadi. Shivay takes a step towards her request. Shivay meets Abhay. He understands Abhay’s pain. He apologizes to Abhay for whatever happened with his family. He feels they were wrong to react in such a way.

Abhay forgives him as he is fighting for his family. Shivay welcomes Abhay to their family. He tells Abhay that he wants to know the truth, which he couldn’t prove. He asks Abhay to share it. Abhay tells them that all his anger got vented out and now he wants to leave from the city. Abhay tells Shivay that he was always away, despite having a big family, he has been alone without his brother, for whom he can do anything. Shivay requests him to come home and keep his request. Abhay tells Shivay that he is married. Shivay asks him to get his wife as well. Shivay promises to give same respect to his wife as the Oberois bahus. Abhay agrees to Shivay. His drama succeeds. Abhay gets back to his game to ruin the Oberois. Will Shivay’s generous step turn out to be a big blunder? Keep reading.


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