Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre: Devi gives an ultimatum to Maasa


Maasa didn’t know she will hurt her own son and ruin his dreams by her anger and revenge towards Devi. She worries for Adhiraj. She was filling his mind that its inauspicious for him to leave from home. Adhiraj didn’t fall in superstitions. He falls in trouble when the goons target him. Adhiraj wanted to fulfill his dreams by working hard. Adhiraj is unaware of Maasa’s evil plans. Devi tries to protect Adhiraj. Adhiraj gets upset when she acts like a hero in the story. They have an argument. Devi finds Adhiraj attacked by the goons. She takes her Devi avatar and saves him. Devi takes him home. She then learns it was Maasa’s plan. Devi gets upset with Maasa. She asks Maasa to stay away from Adhiraj. Maasa vents out anger on the goons for beating Adhiraj.

Maasa regrets for her planning. Devi doesn’t want to risk Adhiraj’s life. She gives an ultimatum to Maasa. She asks Maasa to either accept her or be ready to lose Adhiraj. Devi takes care of Adhiraj. He sits doing the office work. Devi makes him rest. She does the aid to his wounds. She wants his wounds to heal soon. She tells him that wounds heal, but memories always stay in mind. She tells him how he has gave her the wound on Maasa’s saying. Adhiraj feels guilty. She wishes she shares Adhiraj’s pain. She loves Adhiraj and doesn’t want him to tolerate any pain.


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