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    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Aaliya gets trapped in gambling again. Parmeet wants to take revenge from Ishita. He targets Aaliya. Raman totally supports Ishita in the board meeting. She chooses Ruhi to lead the project by discussing things with Raman. She includes Adi and Romi in the project. She keeps Simmi and Parmeet away from the business. She tells Raman that she is not insulting them, but she knows they both lack experience in managing big projects. She justifies and convinces Raman to keep them away from their project. She tells him that she is an investor and just wants profits. She makes Raman agree to her terms.


    Mishti gets glad to meet Ragini pandit. She asks her to come home. Ragini Pandit tells her that she will meet her family later. Mishti tells her about her angel Avni. Ragini Pandit teaches her the word illegitimate and tells her that she is illegitimate. Mishti doesn’t understand. Ragini Pandit tells Mishti the meaning of the word. She says such children stay sad forever, no one loves them. Mishti gets sad. Juhi asks Mishti where did she go. Mishti doesn’t tell her anything.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Anami gets worried by her step to invite trouble for Lal Mahal. She starts realizing her responsibilities. She turns upset with Sudha’s deeds. She hides her worries from everyone. She feels guilty on seeing Dadi’s fear. She thinks if she has done right with Sudha or not. Dadi sees Anami in a dilemma. Lakshya tells Anami that she has done right with Sudha. Dadi asks Anami not to feel guilty. She asks her to think that her wrong move can hurt anyone. Anami gets glad finding Dadi fine. Adhiraj gets informed about Purushottam’s death. He learns that Anami has shifted Sudha. He thinks of meeting Anami to relieve her sorrow.


    Kaira’s Greek romance with the filmi songs and dance sequences continue. Their love story gets an unexpected twists. They meet Naksh and Kirti and get a pleasant surprise. Meanwhile, Suwarna’s brother comes home to meet her and tell about Aryan. He tells her that Aryan was in same city, and now he is missing. He gets afraid that something happened to him. He tells her that police is not helping him. He asks Suwarna to help him, as police will listen to Goenkas. She doesn’t want to get involved, but is left with no option. She agrees to find Aryan.


    Abhay tells Obros that Tej is making his manager lie. Shivay doubts that Abhay is lying to them. He asks Abhay to make a leave than blackmailing them for money. Abhay tells Shivay that his motive is not money, but his rights and respect in the family. He tells Shivay to see Tej’s true face first. He is sure that their belief will break on their parents if they see the tape. Anika asks Abhay to present the proof if he has anything. Abhay tells them that he has the video tape which will prove Tej’s crime. Pinky doubts that Tej is really involved in the fire incident. Jhanvi has her belief in Tej. Abhay gets the tape and plays it to show them. Abhay gets worried on finding the tape blank.

    Shivay tells him that his proof is totally blank, it means he is a liar. Abhay wonders how the tape got changed. He gets blackmailed by Shwetlana. Abhay gets helpless to listen to her, if he has to prove himself true. Obros ask Abhay to get out of the house. They all try to make Abhay away.

    Meri Durga:

    Rajveer takes Durga to the academy, so that she doesn’t know about Sanjay’s injury. He doesn’t want Durga’s attention to get diverted. Yashpal informs Sanjay’s parents about his accident. They get worried for Sanjay. Durga feels visiting the academy is not a good idea. Rajveer and Durga meet coach Bhagat. They find him a tough coach. They learn about a world record holder trained by the academy, who is not known to the world. Durga gets to know the mystery.

    Durga worries about informing Sanjay. Rajveer tells her that she should focus on her training. Sanjay’s parents meet Sanjay and get angry on Durga’s family for hurting Sanjay. Yashpal doesn’t get threatened by Neelkant. He gives it back to him in his way. He doesn’t get scared of them. He tells them that Sanjay got hurt by himself. Sanjay fails to get up because of his severe injury. Durga settles in the hostel. Durga misses Sanjay. She imagines Sanjay with her. Sanjay’s parents get the medical advice from the doctor. They want to take Sanjay to the best hospital. Sanjay’s state gets painful. The doctor advises them to let Sanjay rest here, till he gets capable of getting up. Sanjay’s parents get helpless to agree. Yashpal tells them that he will not tolerate Sanjay in his house.

    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

    Tarun wants to keep the matter hidden from Saloni. She asks Tarun how did his dad trouble her mom. Tarun tells her that he will talk to his dad. Saloni wants an answer from Gupta. Tarun talks to Gupta. Gupta tells him that he has done this to get his money back, and when Tarun has failed to protect his richness, then he had to do this to teach a lesson to Laila. He asks Tarun not to get in between this fight. Ahana asks Laila to manage the situation as this happened because of her over the top fake richness put-up. Rehaan gets the invites for Anant’s friends. He worries that his lie will be known to Anant. Laila tries to arrange money to pay to the hotel. She doesn’t want the booking to get cancelled. She tells Saloni that Gupta is ruining her, and now she knows how to manage him. Saloni feels sorry for Laila.


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