Adhiraj to nab the attacker in Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre


Devi tells Adhiraj that she has called the police. Urmi tells them that police has come home. She asks Maasa to stop Devi from playing this game. She says Devi will file the complaint and trap them. Maasa tries to convince Adhiraj that Devi is lying. Adhiraj tells Maasa that Devi is saying true, he also remembers the things. Maasa gets tensed when Adhiraj goes and meets the inspector.

Adhiraj and Devi try to find the culprit behind the attack. Police catches the goon who attacked Adhiraj. Police gets the goon to Adhiraj. Adhiraj and Devi identity him. Adhiraj asks him about the person who hired him for attacking him. The goon names Maasa for planning the attack. Maasa gets in tension and thinks Adhiraj will doubt on her. She feels like she has lost her son forever, but what comes her way really moves her.

Adhiraj gets angry on the man and denies to accept the blame on his mum. Adhiraj tells Maasa that he can kill himself, before doubting on his mum. He expresses his strong belief, respect and love for Maasa. Maasa feels guilty as she has really done a big mistake to attack her son. Devi stops Adhiraj from his mad step to point gun at himself. She asks him to calm down. Devi hides the truth from Adhiraj, seeing his state. She understands he can never accept anything against Maasa. Will Maasa realize Adhiraj’s love for Devi and accept Devi? Keep reading.


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