Anami finds a shocking evidence in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Anami gets suspicious that Sudha is hiding something from her. Dadi guides Anami while giving a teaching to Lakshya. Dadi tells Anami that they can identify people well when they keep their heart calm. Anami gets the lesson from Dadi. Anami thinks to find out about Sudha, so that she doesn’t commit a big mistake. Lakshya gels with Lal Mahal members. He finds Dadi and Satrupa really good. Anami asks him to finish his homework. She gets ahead to do her homework about Sudha.

Pujan asks Baldev to tackle Sudha. He assures his support to Baldev. He tells Baldev that its high time they do something to make Sudha away. Baldev agrees to him. Lakshya does his homework. He thinks of finishing it soon and then have some play. He goes to Satrupa to help him in maths. Satrupa explains him with simple methods. Lakshya gets glad to grasp maths well. He thanks Satrupa.

Adhiraj asks Anami not to trust anyone soon. He asks her to find about Sudha and clear the confusion. He cheers up Anami. He wants Anami to be secure. He makes Anami think about her justice protest. He asks her to find if Sudha is really a victim or not. She takes his advice seriously.

She makes a plan to get Sudha off her place. Taking advantage of Sudha’s absence, Anami searches the room. Anami gets shocking evidence. She gets disturbed on finding Vatsalya’s pictures with Sudha. She wonders if everyone is right about venomous Sudha. Dada ji also guides her to believe her feelings than her sight. He asks her to see something veiled by external appearance. Anami doubts that Sudha is hiding something big. Dada ji tells her that the way to justice is never easy. Anami takes the challenge to crack the matter and find the truth. He wishes she doesn’t make any mistake, which could make her lose everything. Anami gets determined to reach to the roots of Sudha’s secret.


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