Anjali reveals about her new love in Sasural Simar Ka


Anjali gets troubled when she learnt that the family is finding a guy for her. Prem and Simar tell Anjali that they liked a guy and wants Anjali to meet him once. Anjali announces to everyone that she is in love. She decides to reveal about her lover. They all ask her who is he, and when did she fall in love. Anjali tells them that she met the guy some days back, they have good bonding, they like each other. She says she will take the relation ahead if they give their nod. Simar gets happy for Anjali. She says now we don’t need to find a guy, you have chosen someone and we are happy, we trust your choice. She asks Anjali to call the guy home, as they want to meet him.

Anjali tells Simar that she has called Sahil home. Sahil makes an entry and shocks Sanjana. Sanjana recalls that Sahil is the one who badly trapped her in the fake affair and blackmailed her. Sanjana’s marriage got affected by his lies. Sanjana and Roshni were going to expose Sahil. They didn’t know Anjali will get Sahil home and introduce him as her lover. Sahil greets the family well. They all like Sahil. Mata ji blesses Anjali and Sahil. Sanjana tells Anjali that she will not get quiet, she will expose Sahil. She gets the pictures and threatens Anjali. She asks Anjali to think about the family’s reaction and decision when they see Sahil in the pictures. Sanjana tells Anjali that she will use the pictures against Sahil.


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