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    Ishqbaaz: Tej gets tempered when he sees Abhay back in the house. Shivay tells him that he has got Abhay home. Dadi tells them that it was her decision, she was regretting for her mistake done in the past and this is her way to rectify her mistake. Pinky warns them against getting Abhay home. She asks them not to trust Abhay. Obros welcome Abhay home and promise him to give him a wonderful and loving family. Dadi asks Obros to love their new brother. She makes her children welcome Abhay. Anika reminds them how Abhay has helped them in Shivay’s absence. The family welcomes Abhay happily. Shivay reveals to them that Abhay is married.

    Meri Durga:

    Doctor asks the family to let Sanjay stay and rest well. Yashpal permits Sanjay home only till the morning. He threatens Sanjay’s parents about the police. Durga gets prepared to impress Bhagat by her talents. Bhagat asks Durga to have eggs and chicken in her diet to gain strength. Durga refuses to have it. Bhagat asks her to have best diet to become a best athlete. He tells her that he will not train her if she doesn’t agree to him. Durga doesn’t eat the chicken. He asks her to take time and decide well. He doesn’t want indiscipline in his academy. Durga gets into a challenge. She gets into her best runner avatar.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Raman feels inclined towards Ishita. He gets jealous of Ishita and Ashok’s bond. He feels like hating Ashok. He wonders why he is missing Ishita so much, like he had a relation with her. The memories drive him crazy. Raman gets an attack and shouts out to the family for medicines. Simmi gets the drugs for him. Ruhi sees Raman’s terrible state. She stops Raman from taking the wrong medicines. She asks Simmi to leave, as she will manage her dad. Simmi tries to make Ruhi away. Ruhi sees Raman in pain. She gets shattering finding her doting dad in a weak state. Ruhi pacifies Raman telling him a story about Ishita.


    Kartik and Naira go to have icecream. Naira teases Kartik by picking his fallen wallet. The lady reacts and catches Naira for stealing his wallet. She scolds Naira for her move. Kartik defends Naira. He tells them that Naira is not any thief, she is his wife. The lady gets angry on Naira. Kartik asks Naira to run away, as the lady is much angry and wants to call the cops. Naira runs away. Kartik asks the people to leave Naira. Naira’s stupid move gets her followed by the people. Kartik rescues her.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Anami gets suspicious that Sudha is hiding something from her. Dadi guides Anami while giving a teaching to Lakshya. Dadi tells Anami that they can identify people well when they keep their heart calm. Anami gets the lesson from Dadi. Anami thinks to find out about Sudha, so that she doesn’t commit a big mistake. Lakshya gels with Lal Mahal members. He finds Dadi and Satrupa really good. Anami asks him to finish his homework. She gets ahead to do her homework about Sudha.


    Avni promises to always stand by Neil. She tells her decision that she will always be with him, no matter how hard his past pushes them away. She tells Neil that he has changed her into a better person, even when she lied and cheated him for marriage. She tells him that if he can love her for all her mistakes, she can even show a big heart by accepting his past. She finds Neil’s love selfless. She tells him that she will never leave him. She asks Neil not to feel guilty again. Neil thanks her for support.

    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

    Rehaan confides the matter with Ahant. He reveals that he lied to him getting stressed because of the car accident. Anant tells him that its his fault that he couldn’t win Rehaan’s confidence. Rehaan thanks him for giving him all the love as his children. He promises to make Anant proud of him one day. Anant hopes Rehaan keeps his words. Rehaan is grateful that Anant has forgiven him. Ahana solves Laila’s problem. She tells Laila that she is not selfish like her. She gives her the cash which she got by selling off her jewelry. She prepares to get married to Anant. She talks to her dad that her life is going to change in a day. Laila gets all her confidence back when Ahana hands over the cash to her. She meets Gupta to tell him how his dreams shattered. She tells him that she has cleared all the pending loans. She makes him realize that he has lost again.


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