Manish and Suwarna to learn about Aryan in Yeh Rishta…


Kartik and Naira go to have icecream. Naira teases Kartik by picking his fallen wallet. The lady reacts and catches Naira for stealing his wallet. She scolds Naira for her move. Kartik defends Naira. He tells them that Naira is not any thief, she is his wife. The lady gets angry on Naira. Kartik asks Naira to run away, as the lady is much angry and wants to call the cops. Naira runs away. Kartik asks the people to leave Naira. Naira’s stupid move gets her followed by the people. Kartik rescues her.

Kartik thinks to invite Naksh and Kirti for the Greek wedding happening in the church. They put their love story on halt for some time. Meanwhile, Manish tries finding the person laying the trap for Kartik. Suwarna doesn’t see her son’s picture. Aryan gets unhappy that Kartik didn’t get defamed. He feels he should go back and ask for his rights. He gets angered on Suwarna. Suwarna hides her pain from Manish. She lies to him about her son’s missing complaint.

Kartik and Naira make an excuse to the priest. The priest thinks the lovers don’t have any money to arrange their marriage. He gets mistaken and arranges their marriage in the church. Kartik and Naira along with Naksh and Kirti head to the church. Aryan joins a job for a living. He is called at the church too. Kartik and Naira learn that the priest have arranged a wedding for them. They get a pleasant surprise. Naksh tries to clear the misunderstanding. Priest tells them that its his fault to misunderstand them. Kartik and Naira apologize for lying to him. Naksh and Kirti suggest them to get married again. Kartik and Naira agree to have a Greek wedding. Naira gets too excited to have a white wedding gown. She looks pretty and stuns Kartik. The couple make their love bond stronger. They get married, making the love vows. Naksh and Kirti congratulate them. Kartik and Naira have a romantic dance and celebration. Manish gets close to get details of the man who trapped Kartik. Suwarna will also be knowing Aryan’s identity while searching for him. What will be Manish and Suwarna’s next step on knowing his truth? Keep reading.


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