Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita works on reviving Raman’s memory


Raman feels inclined towards Ishita. He gets jealous of Ishita and Ashok’s bond. He feels like hating Ashok. He wonders why he is missing Ishita so much, like he had a relation with her. The memories drive him crazy. Raman gets an attack and shouts out to the family for medicines. Simmi gets the drugs for him. Ruhi sees Raman’s terrible state. She stops Raman from taking the wrong medicines. She asks Simmi to leave, as she will manage her dad. Simmi tries to make Ruhi away. Ruhi sees Raman in pain. She gets shattering finding her doting dad in a weak state. Ruhi pacifies Raman telling him a story about Ishita.

Raman’s head ache starts getting away. Raman and Ruhi have their old loving bond back. Simmi gets angered seeing this. Ishita comes with an idea to remind Raman his past. She tells her family that she has replaced the medicines.

She doesn’t know Simmi has swapped the medicines again. She tells her family that she wants to be with Raman and needs their help to make Raman recall their past. She makes a plan to repeat the past moments in front of Raman, so that the drama triggers his memory.

Aaliya fears to tell Adi about the gambling. Adi cancels the booking in the hotel. He feels sad that Aaliya is not changing. Aaliya feels guilty. She thinks of playing cards again and win money to please Adi. She doesn’t want to hurt him by the bad news. She conceals the matter, hoping to settle all the times.

Ishita sends her mum to Raman’s office to know about his company’s net worth and his earnings, just like she has done many years ago before fixing Raman and Ishita’s marriage. Simmi reacts angrily on seeing her.

Ishita learns that the plan worked. They hope Raman will react on knowing the incident. Simmi tries to hide the matter from Raman. Romi understands Ishita’s plan and diverts Simmi. Romi helps Ishita. Raman learns the matter and gets angry on Iyers. Adi doesn’t have any trust on Aaliya. He thinks Aaliya will gamble again and make Mani ashamed. He tries to find some way to stop her bad addiction. Raman meets the Iyers to confront them about the office visit. He gets memory flashes. Ishita tries her best to remind him the past. Raman gets stressed and collapses. Ishita gets worried for Raman’s state.


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