Diya and Ratan’s love drama next in Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya

Diya tries to expose imposter

Ratan wants to understand Diya better. He is indebted to her for saving his life. Ratan mocks romance and shocks her. Ratan asks Diya not to get serious about anything. She wants Ratan to value his life. Diya protects him, while he does his best to always support her. Diya gets an idea to mock love and find the person against their relation, which will make her end the threat on Ratan.

Ratan tells the family that if Diya and he fail to find the real culprit in 15 days, he will sell off all of the property and business, and leave for abroad. The family receives a shock. Diya tries another plan to find the culprit. There are more chances of Ratan getting attacked. They have doubts on the female members of the house. Diya and Ratan do a drama. They declare their love to the family.

Ratan acts to leave from the house, while Diya stops him by confessing her love. The family never expected any such thing to happen. Diya and Ratan fool the family so that they can know the real culprit who wants to kill Ratan. Kakasa scolds Diya and makes her away from Ratan. Diya has a deadline of 15 days. She wants to find the culprit within 15 days. Diya’s guess goes wrong when she doubts Chote Thakurain. Ratan tells the family that its his decision to make Diya his life partner, and no one can raise any objection. Diya hopes the drama will make them find the culprit soon.


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