Shocking twist with a short leap in Udaan


Chakor gets kidnapped by Bhaiya ji, who tries to take revenge from her by killing her child. Chakor warns him that if he hurts her child, she will take Maa Durga avatar and kill him. The devil in him doesn’t stop. He doesn’t drop his plans. Bhaiya ji tortures Chakor and kills her child in womb, while Suraj meets with an accident. The show takes a five year leap. Chakor has always fought for her villagers’ freedom. She has killed Bhaiya ji and gave a sacrifice for her dear ones. Chakor has lost her child, love and family. She felt the villagers will get free from all the problems, they will no longer be bandhuas. Chakor dreamt to see a happy and peaceful Aazaadgunj.

Chakor was sent to jail for the punishment. She wanted her village to be free, but she gets a huge shock when she sees the villagers brutally tortured by Imli. When she returns to the village, she sees the villagers in poor state. She wanted to bring a change in the village. She never wished for revenge. She gets a traumatic feel when her hope breaks in a moment. Imli dominates the village. Imli gets Bhaiya ji’s throne.

Suraj suffers a memory loss and doesn’t remember Chakor. Chakor gets hopeful on seeing Suraj, who works as Imli’s slave. She meets Suraj. He reacts in anger and asks Chakor to get away. The village turns into a terrible place. Chakor never imagined Aazaadgunj to turn into a land of crimes. She receives a big shock when she faces Imli’s evil side, which was concealed to her till now. Chakor finds the village worse than it was during Bhaiya ji’s rule. Chakor has to take a new flight for freedom now. How will Chakor set things right? Keep reading.



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