Durga to hunt for mysterious Jassi in Meri Durga


Annapurna decides to take care of Sanjay, as he is Durga’s husband. He stops the family from ill treating Sanjay. Durga sees the tough task posed by Bhagat. She takes the challenge. Bhagat increases the hurdles for her. She doesn’t get back. She understands he is trying to break her courage. He asks her to back out if she is scared. Durga gets prepared. She runs to qualify in the Jassi track. Durga’s family agrees to look after Sanjay by forgiving him for whatever happened. Yashpal refuses to forgive Sanjay, who ruined Durga’s life and career.

Durga crosses all the hurdles and runs to succeed. Bhagat gets stunned seeing her courage and confidence. She proves her talents to him. Bhagat disqualifies her. He tells her that she has lost as her time didn’t break the old record. Durga gets interested to know more about the champion Jassi. Rajveer and Yashpal meet Durga at the academy. They hide about Sanjay. They find Durga worried. Durga shares the matter. She tells them that Bhagat wants to remove her from the academy, he has some personal grudge against her.

Rajveer tells her not to worry, as Bhagat can’t remove her without any reason. He decides to talk to Bhagat. He asks Durga to face all the challenges and get training. They learn about Jassi, who maintained a good health by a healthy diet, still being a vegetarian. Durga gets an idea to follow Jassi’s diet and qualify to Bhagat’s levels. Durga thinks to find Jassi and get training from her to give an answer to Bhagat. They wonder who is Jassi. Bhagat tries to discourage Durga and make her out of the academy. He asks Rajveer and Yashpal to take Durga with them. Durga decides to find Jassi. Durga will be soon knowing that the sports academy’s biggest champion Jassi is none other than Sanjay’s mother Gayatri Devi, who left her career for marriage.


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