Anami decides to test Sudha in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Anami doubts that Sudha is acting to be a victim and using her against Lal Mahal. She decides to take Sudha’s test to know her truth. Anami learns Satrupa has helped Lakshya in studies. She asks him to stay away from Satrupa. He tells her that he feels Satrupa is more true than Sudha. He doesn’t want to stay away from Satrupa, who turned into his friend. Satrupa meets Sudha and warns her about Anami. She asks Sudha not to use Anami. She tells Sudha that very soon Anami will expose her and throw her out of the house. She asks Sudha to wait for the day when she will lose everything.

Sudha is determined to give more wounds to Lal Mahal. She tells Satrupa that she will always stay in her life like a bad nightmare. Satrupa challenges to end her evil from the roots.

Baldev gets a business proposal. He tells Dada ji that he already got late in starting his own business. Dada ji asks Dheeru to check the proposal and give his opinion. Dheeru finds the project weak. He asks Baldev to think about Royal steels and work on it, rather than getting losses for the business. Dada ji puts Baldev’s project on hold. Baldev gets angered when Dada ji takes the decision against him. Pujan tries to provoke Baldev against Dheeru.

Lakshya doesn’t like the food. Avdhoot jokes on him. He suggests Lakshya to have light food. Anami sides with Lakshya. Lakshya gets support from Satrupa, when others insult him. Lakshya throws a challenge for Avdhoot. Avdhoot wants to test if anyone can stand in front of them.

Anami and Lakshya compete with Avdhoot in a milk drinking task. Anami and Lakshya win and make fun of Avdhoot. Pujan and Kamini get answered for their taunts. Avdhoot loses and pays Lakshya for the lost bet. Satrupa makes Anami occupied by Lakshya. She attempts to keep Anami away from Sudha. Sudha understands Satrupa’s plans. She sends her aide to keep an eye on Anami. Anami meets Sudha and tries to trap her in words to test her. She talks of Vatsalya to know about Sudha’s intentions. Sudha tells her that she never met Vatsalya, but she always loved him as a son. Sudha plans to kill Anami after she fulfills the motive of making Narottam the heir.


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