Durga learns about Jassi’s craze in Meri Durga


Gayatri refuses to have the middle class food. She starts insulting Durga’s family. She doesn’t want to consume the poor food. She tells that she will not feed such food to Sanjay, who is already will. She throws the food. Yashpal doesn’t tolerate anyone insulting food. He reprimands her and asks her to pick then food. Durga tries to find more about Jassi. She sees Bhagat around. She attempts to get help from Chetan, hoping he will make her relieved of Bhagat’s strict schedule.

Sanjay gets angry on seeing his mother humiliated by Yashpal. He stays sick, but raises voice to tell them that he will take revenge from Durga. Yashpal feels its good that Sanjay fell helpless in front of them. Yashpal loses his cool on hearing bad things from Sanjay. He goes to hurt Sanjay. Amrita comes to Sanjay’s rescue. She stops Yashpal from taking any extreme step. Sanjay and his parents still show attitude to them. Durga makes excuses to avoid Bhagat. He doesn’t let Durga act smart. She tells him that she is following his tips in fulfilling the tasks.

Bhagat troubles her more. She leaves the training and meets Chetan. Chetan suggests her to get training from Bhagat, who is the best coach of the academy. Durga tries asking about Jassi. Bhagat interrupts her and learns her drama. She misses the chance to find about Durga. Bhagat understands Durga wants to meet Jassi, who was an all rounder, despite being a vegetarian. Chetan tells Durga about the ex-athlete Jassi. Durga tries to find Jassi, who didn’t get any fame. Chetan tells Durga that Jassi was obsessed with her success and stained the academy’s name by her madness. Bhagat asks Durga to focus on her training. Sanjay gets revengeful. He wishes he gets fine and back on his feet again. Sanjay gains courage to get up when he imagines Durga. Sanjay walks to Durga and confronts her for what she gave him instead his love. He feels he didn’t deserve the humiliation and pain.


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