Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara: Anant to support Raichands


Gupta reveals to Anant and everyone that Laila has sold a bride for his son Tarun by looting crores of money from him. He tells everyone that Laila has sold Ahana to Anant for a big price. He warns Anant to be careful of Ahana, who is also a gold digger like Laila. He asks Anant to realize Laila and Ahana’s intentions, the mom-daughter duo can fall to any extent for money. Laila’s image gets ruined in the society.

Gupta fulfills his revenge from Laila. Anant’s family gets worried on hearing Gupta. Anant protects Ahana. He doesn’t believe Gupta. He tells Gupta that he will not tolerate anything against his wife and her family. He takes a strand for Ahana and Laila too. Gupta warns Anant against Raichands. He asks Anant to open eyes and take a step before poverty strikes him because of his new relatives. He tells Anant that Ahana will ruin him.

Tarun asks Gupta to leave the gathering. Gupta warns Laila about the destruction coming her way soon. Anant asks Ahana not to worry for anything. Gupta gets angered on Tarun for marrying Saloni. He insults Saloni. He feels Tarun has cheated him too. Rehaan witnesses Gupta’s hatred for Saloni. Rehaan gets angry on Gupta for insulting Anant. Rehaan worries that Anant may land in a big problem because of Laila.

Ahana turns much upset. She gets desperate to prove Anant that she loves him and that’s the only reason she married him. She tells him that she didn’t marry him for money. Anant understands her. Saloni learns Laila’s big truth about taking money from Tarun. She gets upset with Laila. Anant makes it clear that he can never doubt on Ahana’s love. Anant forgets whatever happened and wants Ahana to live the golden moments.

Saloni feels guilty that Gupta ruined Ahana’s big day. She demands Laila to tell the truth to her. Laila worries for Saloni’s child. Saloni gets fed up of Laila’s drama. She asks Laila to think for Ahana once. She understands that Laila has indeed done a mistake. She feels Ahana and she got insulted because of Laila. Laila tries to win Saloni’s trust. Laila lies to Saloni again. Tarun decides to reveal the truth to Saloni. Ahana thanks Anant for all his trust and support. Rehaan gets suspicious about Raichands. He feels Gupta is not a fool to come without any invitation and daringly speak nonsense against the Raichands.


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