Ishq Mein Marjawa: Tara gets revengeful again


Deep is upset with Tara for hiding her plans and increasing his problems. He tells Tara that Lakshya is trying to win Aarohi’s trust and getting friendly to her. He asks Tara to drop her jealousy. He warns her against doing any crimes further. Deep feels guilty to trap Aarohi. He is smitten by her goodness. He feels bad when Tara tells him that she got Aarohi earn more troubles. Aarohi wishes all the problems get solved soon.

Deep feels Aarohi has tolerated everything and kept the seven vows of marriage. He thinks its time he should keep the marriage vows. Deep falls in love with Aarohi. Tara gets revengeful seeing Deep with Aarohi. She doesn’t want Aarohi to snatch her love. She thinks to remind Deep the vows he made to her. Tara doesn’t want to get cheated in love. Tara determines to kill Aarohi.


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